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 I have probably never Thanked you, but THANK YOU- for being such a great motivator, coach, person....each time I leave a class thinking it doesn't get any better than this, the next class is even better....Since I have been boxing multiple times a week, I have started to see the results that i have been looking for and at 47yrs old- didn't think it could happen- LOL.

Karen M.
  I had been a smoker for most of my adult life. I had quit and restarted about 10 times over the last 10 years. Every January I would quit, gain some weight and go back to my habit to take it off. The  first time I had made it  10 months and had a 30 pound weight gain. I worked out that year and even did a triathlon. But I had only lost 10 lbs with all that training. After the triathlon was over and I was still up 20 lbs, discouraged, I went back to my habit. And so the next 9 years went on....Every January came and I quit and then went back.

   Things changed for me last year in March (2011) . I had been a non-smoker for 3 months and a friend told me about The Body Challenge at The Fitness Asylum. I was very excited to try something new. I started in April and have been a client ever since. I love Bonnie and the friends I have made. They hold me accountable to my goals and if I miss a class I am always getting a text from someone asking me where I was and if I am OK? As for the smoking, I will be honest and I did fall off the wagon, but I got right back on. It does not fit into my lifestyle now. Not only has my body changed but my attitude has. I look at life a little different now,
and I have Bonnie and The Fitness Asylum to Thank for that!

Kristen Williams

   Thank you very much for all your coaching, guidance and motivation.  I am so excited about my 17 lb weight loss.  I have been trying to lose weight for about 10 years.  I hate to admit that but it is the truth.  I would start a diet and then go off.  Lose weight and then gain it back.  Every time I would start a diet, I would tell myself this is going to be it but it never worked.  I am happy to say… I am finally at my lowest weight in about 5 years.  The reason I succeeded this far is because of you.  I truly believe you do everything you can to make sure we stay on track.  Although I have to be accountable for my actions, you were right there providing support, direction and encouragement.  I am looking forward to continuing at the Asylum, getting stronger and meeting my weight loss goal (hopefully 3 more months).

Again, THANK YOU for everything.  I am now excited to go clothes shopping.

Julie Gelfond


    I have started this journey MANY times before in different ways, other gyms, fad diets, bad diets etc. I am a "foodie" I work in the industry, own a catering company and I am a restaurant manager so food is my life. Unfortunately it was killing me the way I was consuming it. I missed the orientation meeting that Bonnie had and I went to a much smaller one with about 5 people the next Monday.

   I heard 2 things loud and clear 1. "You need to decide what you like better, crappy food or a healthy body". 2. "It's just food". To me that meant its not something to be used if you are feeling down or happy its used to fuel your body, so only give it what it needs.

   Everyone asks what my secret is, I listened with a new mind set to what Bonnie had to teach, I read what she sends, I track my food, I walk and workout for me, I make the choice every time I eat to give my body the best, and don't feel I am depriving myself of the things "I choose not to eat or drink".

    Its a mental choice first, then take it one meal at a time, before you know it a few days have gone by and your body feels better and that propels you to continue. I didn't set out to win the challenge, actually that was the furthest thing from my mind, but after week 3 I was in the lead, then the next few weeks were the same thing. I felt great and was dropping clothes sizes, I felt strong! I continued just doing the basics that Bonnie taught and I won loosing 37 lbs, 7 lbs more than my original "fantasy goal"!

Well worth the time invested. I am hooked on Bonnie's circuit and boxing classes!

Michelle Gormley


Hi Bonnie!

   Slightly obnoxious of me to email you at all addresses, but that's how excited I am about The Challenge beginning on Jan 7th!  I'll be there and can't wait. It's been too long since I have been able to wear my size 8 pants (and at that time I probably wished I could be a 6)... and damn it, I'm going to do it this time!  Last time I wore most of them was 9 years ago (I remember because I wore a really cute comfy pair at my sister's baby shower)... I want to wear them things again... my niece would be proud (and my sista, too... hell, I'll be pretty proud, too)... the change of what I eat will be the toughest for me... but I'm ready to shock my body and make it healthy. :)

   I will have my check in hand tomorrow night, made out to "The Challenge", right? ;-) Ha ha ha...  First Response Fitness Inc...  :)

   I can't tell you how much I love everything about Fitness Asylum.  I love that you know everyone and that you enjoy what you do; it shows and it's contagious... That you treat everyone equally...  I love that you're tough and encouraging... and the fellow Fitness Asylum-ers are such a good group; everyone is fun and really wants to thrive... making progress and feeling good inside, some speak of food and others "woo- hoo!" when we hear there's only 3 more stations to do!  ;-)

   Go, Bonnie!  I'm wicked glad you are here in Shrewsbury and that my friend, Julie told me about it... (she told me about it as soon as she learned about it and was so hooked)... It killed me to wait for my ankle to mend up, but I'm there now and it is just so awesome!
See ya tomorrow!



Transformation is the word!  In one year I have become the person I was 15 years ago!  Bonnie has challenged me physically and mentally bringing me to where I am today.  30 pounds lighter and physically and emotionally stronger.   Could not have done it without her! 

Liz Chabot


This past summer I heard a group of friends talking about this great place, the Fitness Asylum, and telling how great they feel and how much weight they had lost...It interested me!  Going through a divorce this year had some big downfalls...especially with my weight and eating habits.  I gained almost 20 lbs this year!  So I thought, why not...let's give this challenge a try!  I managed to loose about 6 lbs on my own before starting in September...but once I started, wow!  what a difference!  My eating habits completely have changed.  I look at all the ingredients before buying something!  and I have created a whole new healthy menu for my everyday meals.  My body looks better than it did 20 lbs ago!!  I have lost all the weight I gained...and my clothes fit better than ever...some even too big!  Thank you Bonnie...and the Fitness Asylum for helping me realize that I matter most, and that my choices are # 1!  and being accountable for your actions is a big part of living. !~ Jen

Jennifer Landry



I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to take part in Sunday's boxing class and offering it as an option.  For those of us who are busy during the week and are game for something tough on the weekends, this is the perfect outlet!  The class was no joke; I definitely got my money's worth!  :) It was great to see that many people there too.



(Lupe Lomeli- Overall Bikini Winner at the 2011 Monster Mash)

I have transformed my body being under your instruction...
You have gone above and beyond any trainer and we are so blessed to have your wisdom and creativity...
And you do make it affordable for the average "Joe" me!
Thanks Bonnie for all that you do!
Denise Lockbaum

It all started with three little words: “Size 28 Jeans”. 

I met Bonnie after I was diagnosed with a neuroma in my foot from running. Opting out of surgery, I bought an elliptical thinking it could offer the same benefits to keep me in my current size. I was wrong… I got at least two sizes bigger. That’s when Bonnie came into my life. I started taking kettlebell classes and really enjoyed the benefits of hard-core, adrenaline-pumping, class-based personal training, cardio, and weight training without having to worry about joint complications. Before long, I was keeping up with the rest of the class and lost inches.  I still wasn’t at my goal so I tried adopting a Weight Watcher’s type diet. It didn’t help at all.  I was exhausted and starving all the time, which only made me eat more.  I asked Bonnie about it, and she broke the news to me that exercise is great, but when it comes down to weight loss and getting lean, my diet, like every other woman’s,  is most crucial for success.  And if I wanted to reach my goal, a diet containing a moderate amount of carbs wasn’t going to get me there. Bonnie introduced me to a clean diet and eventually a Paleo lifestyle via the Paleo Solution. Within weeks I was in my size 28 jeans. I definitely do not suffer from the exhaustion and fatigue that I did when I was eating a significant amount of carbs AND I am also not hungry.  A lot of people tell me they can’t give up carbs, or certain things like pasta.  I am the biggest junk food junkie there is-I LOVE candy, Funyuns, pastry, you name it!  They are all weaknesses to me and I enjoy them immensely. BUT,  I also know that I can’t work out as hard as I do for nothing and I also know the side effects that junk food leaves me with: fatigue and hunger. I rarely crave them at all lately. Now, I can’t say I wont eat it if its right in front of me (seriously, who can resist a cannoli?), but I can tell you that I love eating bacon and sausage in the morning and nothing beats my veggie stir fry!!! I would recommend Bonnie to anyone who wants to achieve their ultimate goal. If anyone will help you get there-its her!

Lisa Sullivan

I started training for the INBF Monster Mash in April of 2009.  I began losing body fat and my workouts were going well, but by the end of June I hit a wall and was having trouble getting lean.  This is around the time I found Bonnie.  I sent her an email and she sent me a list of questions about my general health and my goals.  Very soon after she had a wonderfully descriptive diet routine planned out for me.  Not only did it list what I should and shouldn't be eating, but it also explained why.  This was very helpful to me to understand why I could and couldn't eat certain things.  Along with all the dieting tips she also gave me tips that one could only learn after years of experience in the business.  All of this gave me a real edge for my first show.

What I liked most about Bonnie was that she was always there when you had a question.  If I sent her an email with a question, I could count on her to give me a reply very quickly.  She helped keep me motivated

After all was said and done... when I started working with Bonnie I weighed in at 250 lb.  The day of my competition which was Nov. 7 I weighed in at 217.  I had never had a 6 pack before!! It was awesome!!  I highly recommend Bonnie... She will help you out a lot.

Steve Laser

"Working with Bonnie with on fitness training and nutritional counseling is one of the best decisions I've made for myself. I started fitness training with Bonnie in 2007 when I took her Kettlebell classes. I have always been an active adult, but her classes took me to a whole new level and gave me instant results. No two classes were the same and they were often times more fun than a weekend night out! 

A few months later I got serious about wanting to lose some stubborn weight and used her nutritional counseling services. Bonnie designed a program for me that was easy to follow (and probably not easy to design, since I have more than a few food allergies) and even more effective than the Kettlebell classes. She gave me the encouragement and guidance I needed, and in just three months I lost the weight I wanted to lose. The combination of her fitness and nutritional knowledge is magic - by following her programs, my fitness level has soared, and I've kept the weight off."
Emily Roche

In the past eighteen months I noticed a difference in my “genetic makeup”. I was always a small boned person, able to consume goodies galore with little consequences’ well all that changed seemingly overnight. Although I was going to the gym regularly, I lacked the motivation to push myself hard at the gym. Meeting Bonnie transformed my way of thinking.

During the time I worked with Bonnie, I began to tone up and I have finally begun to fit into those clothes sitting in my closet that I could never throw out because I would one day fit back into them.

While these things have been great most importantly Bonnie taught me the correct way to use the equipment at the gym and how to continue improving my fitness once the sessions with her were finished.

Bonnie always managed to make the sessions enjoyable and continually reinforced that she could show me and assist me to improve my fitness but in the end it is up to me to make the commitment. Bonnie will not provide you with a miracle but she will show you how to get the most out of your fitness and how to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Thank you, Bonnie! I will be forever grateful for your knowledge of fitness and good health.

Maria B.
Boston, MA

   I started my day with a little Bonnie on my shoulder... then I decided to let myself go and be the old me for the rest of the day as if we never met...... starting with lunch (yes hot dogs) well look at my numbers!!!!!!  (TRY NOT TO PASS OUT!!)
With these kind of numbers It doesn't really matter how much time you spend in the gym.. I can't believe I thought I could out work a BAD diet!!!  I just didn't get it... DUH
You have taught me a lot in 12 weeks... (and 29 lbs loss later) though I've not perfected my eating habits yet, I much more confident in making and developing healthier eating habits.
The difference in my way and your way.....  my way=  felt stuffed and unhealthy... your way= felt satisfied and full.
Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!! FAT ASSES like me need people like you in there lives!!!

RJ Trifone
   Boy, have I missed you!!!!!!!  You're such an inspiration to me and you just push people in your own way and it WORKS!!!!  I'm psyched to get started again J 

Thanks so much,

"I lost weight and gained strength and confidence training with Bonnie. Bonnie taught me how to work with weights, equipment, Kettlebells with a real emphasis on proper technique. She is tough in the very best way, enabling me to reach for a level of fitness I never couldn't have gotten to on my own."


 I couldn't believe it. I learned kbs with you in July last year.  It's hard to believe that I've already known you that long.  Not that a year is long, but it doesn't seem possible that a whole year has gone by.
It just cracked me up to read some of the emails to you about my shitty cooking and you'd try to be so nice when I'm sure you were thinking dear, god, girl, don't you get it??!!!!  But it makes me even sadder to see you go because we've come such a long way together :-)  Again, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me.  I would not be where I'm at today without you, that's for sure!!!  My life has completely changed since meeting you J  So thanks for being YOU!!!!! "

 Deanna V.


I was absolutely clueless when I first started this program with you way, way back.

I have been athletic and active all my life. I also pride myself on eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. At the age of 45 suddenly I found myself gaining weight for no apparent reason. What seemed like all of a sudden, was a weight gain of about 25 pounds. I tried counting calories and exercising more, but nothing seemed to work.

I searched the Internet looking for help. I came upon Bonnie's website and thought that she would be able to help me. Bonnie has a lot of the same food ideals that I have. She believes in eating real food and not processed or artificial food. I had Bonnie provide an eating plan for me and was eager to get started. Her plan is for 12 weeks and she provides the menus and the supplement routine for the duration of the 12 weeks.

I am happy to report that after 12 weeks I have lost 20 pounds, 16.5 inches and 6 percent body fat. The biggest inch loss came from my waist and my abdomen at 4.5 inches lost each place. Needless to say I am very excited and am so happy that I found Bonnie.

Thanks Bonnie!

Peggie Larsen


   Where to start..... First, when I started I was a Pizza Eating, Frozen Food cookin’ couch potato with no drive. I ate one meal a day with a late night snack consisting of chocolate, peanutbutter, or cheese! This went on for quite awhile ballooning up to a plump 222 lbs. My shirts never fit so good.. XXL !!!!  To top it all off, my cholesterol came in at a whopping 274!  I was put on 20 milligrams of Simvastatin...A cholesterol reducing pill that has a small side effect of destroying your Liver...I took those pills for 2 months and my Cholersterol was reduced to 251. Now under 200 is what they were looking for.  So I was told to remain on the pills and we would see!...3 more months of pills. I decided it was time to exercise, so with the help of my wife, I was introduced to Bonnie! I joined Gold's and started working with Bonnie. She slowly built me up to where I could breathe after a set or two! Sad but true...Nothing worse than hanging onto the assisted pullups bar and sinking to the bottom...Reality slap...
Well, a couple of months into my workouts and my wife thinks we should join a Biggest Loser Contest. Bonnie would be our Coach!
At first I said no way. That's not me. I'm fine by myself. Well, I could have never been so wrong... It was for me! I signed up complaining the whole way...Like a good spouse should! So we were weighed in and the beginning of what I thought would be a breeze began! This brings me to the HEART of my story, BONNIE!
Ahhhhh Bonnie. This girl has heard more whining than anyone I know! The poor puppy dog eyes do not work on this girl, which was one thing I loved! Obviously I/we needed the pushing! The only pushing I had before this was the slice of pizza down my throat!

I was given exercise routines that worked and I felt it! My arms hurt so bad I could not answer the phone for 2 days! Along with this exercise, I was given the Bible, if you will, on what to eat! Not only what to eat, when to eat and why! I learned how to log my foods and keep track of my food intake! Was it easy? NO WAY! But getting to 222 lbs wasn't easy either. Took me a few years to build myself up that big! But after a couple of weeks I had it down and was preparing my foods ahead of schedule and actually learning how to cook, which doesn't suck...In fact, learning how to cook was one of the hardest things. I now can make a peice of haddock taste like a Hamburger! Well, pretty close anyway..Huge step for Frozen Entree Man! Imagine that, fresh, healthy foods tasting good. Who knew!
So right before the contest started my prescription for my Cholesterol ran out and I decided to see if all the exercise and my new eating habits would change my levels. It couldn't hurt..Save my liver for awhile longer too! Back to that later! I exercised my butt off. Cardio was and now is a part of life! Strength training wasn't just arms and chest! Kettlebells are where it’s at. You want to get a workout? Try kettlebells! I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU! Kickass workout that will leave you feeling like you have accomplished something! You will feel good about yourself...Feeling good about yourself! Hmmmmm That’s new! But I like it!
Now back to my Cholesterol. I went in with three weeks left and had my blood drawn! This was the last chance to get off the Meds! My results came in and my jaw dropped! I went from 251 down to 169. Under 200 is good! HELLO 169!!! AMAZING. The Doctor couldn't believe it and was so happy for me and my Liver! NO MORE PILLS!!!!!

Lastly, and the reason I really signed up for this..My weight. I have lost over 40 lbs and I have 4 more days ‘til the end and weigh 176 pounds. INCREDIBLE...As Bonnie will tell you, 80 to 85 percent is just eating right, and she has given me the knowledge to do this! I owe her a great deal as well as my liver and heart! She will tell you that "I gave you the knowledge, but you did the work!” True, but without that knowledge and drive that she has, it never happens! She has changed my life in so many ways..She truly enjoys her job and it shows!!!!!! This is very hard to find these days! Someone who actually enjoys what they do and knows what they’re talking about! Most can talk the talk but she walks the walk. She has been there done that and knows what works! There’s no mirage here, no smoke and mirrors, just results!!
So Bonnie. I thank you, my family thanks you, and most of all, my heart and liver thank you!

Yours Truly,

Bruce V.


(The following is from a recent client who competed at the 2008 INBF Monster Mash)

Again, you are an amazing person and I appreciate everything that you have done for me!!!!!!!!
Could never have done it without you!



My name is Jason Krawczyk and I have been a fitness fanatic for about four years and a personal trainer for over two years. Like anyone else, I too had a goal and it was to compete in a bodybuilding competition. And in 2006, thanks to Bonnie Lefrak, she helped me to achieve my goal and then some. Bonnie’s expertise, support, and friendship helped me to realize the commitment involved to not just compete but to have a good showing to be proud of. The results are there! I placed third in the men’s novice OCB competition in October 2006 and placed fifth a month later in the INBF men’s open lightweight division. If you have a goal, Bonnie will help you to not just reach them but exceed your own expectations! Thanks, Bonnie!

Jason Krawczyk


   I was already fairly athletic, but hit a plateau. I've been pumping and dieting under Bonnie's guidance for only a short time (4 weeks) and I'm seeing changes - stronger, leaner, less bloated and more motivated than I was a month ago. Evidently I was eating some of the wrong foods for what I was trying to achieve and over doing the cardio, who knew .... Thanks!

Deb Grahn - 49 Supervisor


   I did not use my Gold's Gym membership for the first six months because I was so intimidated by the large number and variety of the machines! Bonnie gave me the focus and confidence to work out efficiently in 40 minutes. I'm on my way to buff!

Kathy P. - age 5?, psychotherapist (sits still in a chair for 8 hours a day)


   I've worked with trainers before - Bonnie was the first trainer who was willing to deviate from doing the same type of routine over and over again - she kept "tweaking" my workout until we found something that worked for me. Of course, I'd continue to see her just to hear her tell me I wasn't eating enough!



   I worked with Bonnie for 2 years, and those 2 years were a great learning experience for me. Not only did I train with Bonnie but she was also a dietitian, a cheerleader for me and an encyclopedia of knowledge. Bonnie taught me to give it my all and if I wanted it I could get it while working out and eating right. I was in the best shape of my life during this time, and I felt great. If anyone should be a trainer, wellness coach or someone to keep you honest it is her. I trained with people before her and I have to say Bonnie is the BEST!

Carol - mother of three, part time hairdresser.


   Bonnie is everything you would want from a trainer. she's tough, motivating, and compassionate all in one . Your goal is her goal and she makes sure you get everything you need to reach it . She goes above and beyond and I truly couldn't find myself without her in my workout routine.

Kim , 33 years old, Self employed


   While preparing for a competition Bonnie came into my life as a friend, taught me more about dieting, changes I needed to make with my workouts and supported me completely in this endeavor. She made it fun and exciting as we laughed and cried our way through it together as she was doing the show also. She is a great trainer and a wonderful friend, Hats off to her!!!!

Chris D.C.


   As a graduate of The National Personal Training Institute and a mid-career professional changing careers into the health and fitness field I couldn't have been more pleased with the experience while attending the Institute. Under the direction of Bonnie LeFrak, the Operations Director of the Waltham campus, the educational experience was outstanding. Bonnie is a veteran within the fitness field. Her
knowledge and hands-on approach to health and fitness is exemplified by what she gives of herself to class each and every day. I have been truly inspired by Bonnie's commitment to sharing her knowledge, skills and experience with those striving for better health and wellbeing. Bonnie is one of the very few best in the industry! To your health!



   When I started school in April I had a eating disorder. I knew I was hurting my body but didn't know how to make it better. Bonnie knew right away and we sat down to talk. She made me comfortable right away, that's when I knew I could trust her. I told her everything that was going on in my life. Bonnie took the the time to help me eat better, have more energy, and made me feel comfortable in my own body. She is the most wonderful and caring person that I know. She listens and understand what and how you are feeling. And that the best feeling knowing someone else cares about you.