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What is

As defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

True: Real, Genuine. Sincerely felt or expressed.
Accurately Shaped or Fitted.

Body: The entire material or physical structure of an organism, especially of a human or animal.
The physical part of a person.

Coaching: To act as a trainer or tutor.

In essence, our goal is to train your mind -- to allow your body to
return to it's ideal and healthy structure.

  • To achieve your TrueBody the first step is changing your mindset.
  • Choose to take responsibility, and make choices that bring you closer to the life you deserve.
  • How many “tomorrows” have come and gone, yet you have not made the progress or seen the
    results you have wished for?

You must make choices (choose), not wish, for results.
TrueBody is about choosing Lifestyle Goals with Focus and Clarity through goal setting and coaching.

TrueBody is a partnership and a commitment to your goals and desires.

TrueBody will be freedom and peace of mind.

Truebody is your right and your worth.

TrueBody is about discovering your naturally lean and fit physique through goal setting, and ultimately discovering your true self.

Important-  Thin Vs. Lean

Often, when we go on a diet- we look for a short term quick fix solution (because we feel DESPERATE) and as if our situation is short term or temporary.

Similarly we speak of “losing weight” as opposed to being lean or being healthy or feeling good about the body we are living in. Instead, magazines tell us that we should strive to be thin, and to exercise in order to “tone” or (YIKES!) “spot reduce”.

It is not about being “thin” or about “toning”--- the only important “T” word is TRUE.

Being “thin” and being “toned” are often terms that women use in their attempts to define the “look”
and “feel” they desire.

The truth is, a muscular body looks “thinner” than a “thin” body.  A lean body actually has real muscle “tone”, or a better word choice-definition.

Adding strength training OR increasing the intensity of a strength training program is the key to unlocking your body's true potential.  Otherwise, “dieting”-losing and gaining, killing yourself with cardio with little orno results (ZERO!), is antithetical to a healthy lean body.

So…Muscles look better, leaner.
Muscle takes up less space (=smaller clothes)
Muscle burns fat, muscles require more food/energy,
Muscles are the key to a metabolism that burns calories around the clock! 

TrueBody Coaching:
As your coach, our relationship is about lifestyle, not just what happens in the gym, not just counting your reps or forcing you to work harder…

We develop a plan based on your goals.
The plan is the map, or blueprint to achieve your TrueBody.
The REAL body you already possess.
Like a real map, your plan is easy to follow, because it is accurate and even occasionally has some detours.

You possess the ability to choose the lifestyle that brings you freedom, happiness, peace of mind, and health. I am here to help you.