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TrueBody Tips for Eating Out-
And eating in general….

When it comes to eating and eating out, the question usually revolves around food being either "GOOD” or “BAD” for you.

In truth, food is good for you, how it may be prepared could be “bad” for you. The restaurant industry is much like the your local grocery store, there are business dollars at stake, and the consumer’s pursuit of good health is not a moneymaker for these entities.

You must take responsibility for your food intake.

Ever notice how we can spend more time and effort researching
….Hair gel…tanning lotion…cat food even?.... and less time researching the effects of particular food?
Does this make sense?

You have rights

You are the paying customer.
You can get exactly what you need or want by simply being very specific.
You should know exactly what you are ingesting.
Ask how the food is prepared? Is it fried? What kind of oil is used?
Again, why be more concerned about the quality of your Cat’s food (for example)
And not YOUR food?

Eating out frequently is often the culprit of excess calories and the pounds that “sneak up” on you.
Unfortunately, unless you are specific, your “healthy choices” are usually drenched with butter and oil that add up to extra calories.
Most meals eaten in restaurants add up to 3-4X the calories you would/should normally eat.
Many of these are HIDDEN calories.

Some Quick Tips to Help you keep your TrueBody

Lying is not always bad
Often the only way to GUARTANTEE that there is NO BUTTER (or oil or whatever we are avoiding)
Is tell let the waitperson know you are allergic. Eve if you request no butter- often much of your restaurant fare is already prepared ahead of time with butter. Or simply, the kitchen staff did not comply.
Befriend the waitstaff
Let the waitperson know ahead of time that your order might be difficult , and you have to follow a special diet or any type of WARNING to let them know your “special order” is not designed to  aggravate them.
Be  very friendly and open with your desires rather than combative- this will go a long way.

Plan ahead

If you are having a cheat meal- then enjoy your dining experience. If you are not sure what will
Be available to eat, be sure to not be so hungry you forgo being your own best intentions.

Remember—you must take responsibility for your own choices.

Eating out is not a sport
Unfortunately, our social lives seem to be dependent on food and alcohol.
Try to use food as fuel, not as an activity.
It may take some practice, but you will feel better. No more rolling out of a restaurant unbuttoning the top button on your pants—or heading right for the Pepto-Bismol when you get home.  Feeling good and looking good DO go hand in hand.

Dessert is not mandatory (unless it’s your own wedding cake)

There will always be dessert.  Unless it is the best ______ (fill-in the blank)
Why bother.  There is always tomorrow. Again, feeling bloated and full up to your eyeballs is not a necessity. Have some tea or coffee instead.

Pick and Choose

If you are at a party or out to eat, don’t feel the need to be “black and white” in your choices.
You can eat healthy and still have a nibble of something decadent. Don’t make yourself a prisoner, but don’t feel that once you have that nibble, all bets are off and you should go CRAZY!!!

Treat yourself- but only once a week (maybe twice…)
Your metabolism will actually work better – burn more calories and stay revved if you do have that one cheat meal a week that would add in extra calories. Don’t turn it into a whole week though.
Start right back up the next day feeding your body the fresh, whole foods it deserves.

Ultimately- ask yourself this-

Is two (2) minutes of pleasure (that cake or ice cream) worth: two (2) hours of indigestion, two (2)  extra hours of cardio and two (2) days of guilt?

Your TrueBody Coach Reminds You:

• Just say NO (sometimes this works- just ask Nancy Reagan)
• Willpower is a practice
• Stay focused
• Food will be here tomorrow
• You deserve to be happy
• We are only human