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The Value of Having a Plan PDF Print E-mail

What is keeping you from having the body you want?

WHY you need a coach with a plan

Whether your goal is to be lean, ripped, or just to finally fit into your jeans, you need a plan.

Achieving your “dream body” is a very individual road.  No two people will eat the same foods, and work out the same way, nor do they have to.  The formula for success varies a bit as well, but the key components are the same:

Mind Set + Food (diet) + Work Out + Genetics = Your Result

Your body right now is in many ways a mirror image of how you think. Your brain is the most important factor in achieving your ideal body.  How you envision yourself, and how you talk to yourself is directly reflected in what your body looks like. If you keep telling yourself you are fat and lazy, you likely will not be eating the right food nor working out. Your MIND SET is the #1 indicator of your ability to achieve and SUSTAIN the body of your choosing.
Food, what you choose to eat, how much you eat, and when you eat has much more influence on your body than your work outs. You cannot out work a bad diet. Also, some foods though not “bad” are not great for you (versus someone else) - and or- are not ideal at certain times of the day. Without this knowledge you will not be successful. Food trumps the work out every time.
I often have people ask me the following questions:
“What should I eat?”
“What do you eat? “
“Is ____ (fill in the blank) good for me?  “
“Is_____(fill in the blank) bad for me?”
My answer invariable is the same. “It depends”.  You need a plan that is custom to YOU. Not my plan, not your cousin on a weight watchers plan (a whole different topic…).
  Working out is without a doubt very important. I am a personal trainer, so believe me- I PUSH working out!  It is critical for weight control, hormone production, and mood management too. Weight training aka strength training is necessary for preserving (and or building) muscle. Muscle is metabolic, and keeps your body not only looking solid, but helps you burn off fat. There are so many different types of training to try. Regardless of your age, current fitness level, or experience you will be able to do a variety of activities at your own pace.  I can help guide you towards the right workouts, including the age old questions about cardio – how much should I be doing? Steady state or intervals...

I know many women are still fearful of weights, of becoming bulky or “big”.  These same women (you know who you are!) want “toned arms”, and shapely legs, (we all do!)  But the bottom line is that you can’t tone fat.  You need muscle to have tone. Muscle weighs more than fat but is much denser- it takes up less space. A muscular body is a smaller body (provided you have less fat as well).  Use weights to lose weight.

Lastly, genetics do play a role in what you look like. Genetically you could have a short torso, narrow shoulders, or small calves etc. But eating clean, working out and believing in your dream can make even the less aesthetically gifted person look amazing.  No one is perfect. Not every bodybuilder can be Arnold. In fact very few are even close. Genetics are such a small part of your overall success formula; I was nearly inclined to make no mention of it. BUT- ultimately, genetics will have some play in your success if you let them get in your way. Again, it’s the mind set of blaming your genetics for failure that makes genetics more of an excuse than part of your success formula. Some very short people are great basketball players. Yes?  Your strength of mind and a great plan can and will, always balance out and overcome any type of perceived handicap.

If you have never achieved your “dream body” or if you have, but you could not sustain the results, you need a plan. One that addresses your MIND SET as the foundation with a structured food plan as the  anchor. Plans can be 6, 12, 16 or more weeks depending on your needs. I have worked with over 100 clients to date. All sorts of REAL people, with the same challenges as you; men, women and young adults.  Soccer moms, athletes, first time exercisers, first time competitors, injured, obese, etc…. And I can absolutely work with you.

Because MIND SET is so critical to your success, I am adding a phone coaching component to all food plans. I have many testimonials and I will be happy to speak with you and consult about your individual situation. The average weight loss is 12 weeks is 20 lbs. I have had clients lose as much as 45 lbs. Get started today.

Your custom plan will include:

  • A comprehensive shopping list including some not well known about products
  • A flexible and easy to follow meal plan. You will probably be eating more than you are used to
  • Exercise/workout recommendations
  • Supplement Information – vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you need for your health
  • Plan changes and updates made at no additional cost as often as needed
  • Access to me – 24/7 via email
  • Competitors will get comprehensive and detailed peak week plans
  • And most important, you will get PHONE COACHING (with homework!) as part of your plan to retrain your brain.

Each 12 week custom plan includes Three (30) minute phone calls where we review your progress and address your challenges head on. This is a $150 value – to guarantee your lasting success.

Contact me today to discuss a custom plan and support for achieving your ideal.


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